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AMA Travel Shield, unlike other solutions is a one-stop-shop travel mobility platform that has been designed to ensure the well being of today's travelers going abroad. Part of the AMA Group, AMA Travel Shield has been designing travel programs across the globe and has always kept its customer's service at the priority.
Our philosophy has been based upon Quality Products and Good Services always offered at time, whenever needed, as this is the commitment from the core of AMA Travel Shield with a strong focus on our specialized travel programs custom built for each market and country we administer at!
AMA Travel Shield For Individual
Travelling abroad to a foreign land alone entails a lot of risk. Medical emergencies, losses, and delays can cause great inconvenience to you.
AMA Travel Shield For Individual
When you go to study abroad, you want a solid support system to take care for any troubles you face with your studies and career.
AMA Travel Shield For Individual
Traveling for business abroad might need on time departure for meetings. Private charter reservations will assist your travel on-time.
AMA Travel Shield For Individual
Senior Citizens
Holiday at abroad in golden years is a dream. Little inconveniences can sully your enjoyment; we take care everything for you.

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